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name ; Wade Winston Wilson
age ; seventy-five, thirdy-six
species ; Mutant?
gender ; male
hair color ; used to be blonde
eye color ; used to be brown
occupation ; Mercenary
marital status ; single
portrayed by ; Ryan Reynolds


Does he tell you he loves you when you least expect it?
Does he flutter your heart when he kisses your neck?
No scientist or biology
It's obvious when he's holding me
It's only natural that I'm so affected

And my heart won't beat again
If I can't feel him in my veins
No need to question, I already know

It's in his DNA
It's in his DNA
And he just takes my breath away
B-b-b-breath away
I feel it every day,
And that's what makes a man
Not hard to understand
Perfect in every way
I see it in his face
Nothing more to say
It's in his D-D-D-DNA




United States

Merc with a Mouth
❝You have failed me, brain!❞

: : : : ♀

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Spidery-Fanboy Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
peter took a deep breath as he walked up to his friend's residence. he hesitated for a moment before licking his lips and knocking. once the door opened he smiled a bit crookedly at wade. "hey, long time no see." he greeted, smile still placed on his face. "sorry i haven't stopped by or anything in awhile-- been.. you know, busy with school and junk." peter shrugged, stuffing his hands in his jacket pockets. "how've you been, wade?"
P-uddin Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
[ //so totally ships it ]

//tilts head to the side
... Ya mask is funny, mistah.
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B-orn-By-Force Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
( here I hope ya don't mind a starter ) 

Walking down the block at midnight, ratchet gripped her leather bag strap as she looked around making sure no one was out and about or on her trail. The last couple of weeks had been a nightmare, left and right people had came at her causing her to expose her powers which sucked beyond belief. Reaching a corner she turned when she had made her way into gang territory by accident. "Okay so where the dam hotel like the instructions said" she murmured pulling out the crumpled piece of paper the woman at a diner had given her. 

Looking over it a few guys peeked out seeing the female as a smirk graced there lips . Hearing the sounds of there whispers ratchet cursed under her breathe, carefully she folding the instructions and put them in her pocket when she set down her bag. "Hey chica!" One called as she turned " you lost or somethin?" She sighed "ugh....your KILLIN me old man" she said looking at the sky as they came out. Counting how many it was slightly a fair fight in her sense. Four vs one thank god she wasn't human. "Okay boys listen I just wanna get to a place to stay and seems you wanna fuck around, how about we just pretend I never was here and I'll send a hooker your sound good?"  She said trying to talk it out before her claws coming out. 
V-illain Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
{{ That webcam omfg
I can't breath- }}
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D-Deaf Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
( you made my inner fangirl cry! 

XD please tell me your still active ))
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